Sunday, June 20, 2010

Teacher Certification: Praxis Testing

For those who are pursuing a career to become a teacher, passing certain exams is important to gaining certification as a teacher. Those who are in college pursuing education to become a teacher not only are required to complete their education credits and student teach but they also are required to pass the Praxis exam.  The Praxis exams tests individuals on subject knowledge required to become a teacher. There are different Praxis tests. There is the Praxis I and Praxis II tests. The Praxis I has three test categories: writing, reading and math. Praxis II tests are designed more for those who are pursuing to become a middle school or high school teacher and would like to teach a specific subject such as Chemistry.

There are several ways to study for the Praxis. The main way to study for the Praxis is study practice tests. Preparation is key to passing. You want to pass the Praxis on your initial try so that you won't have to spend money to take the test again. So passing the test on the first try will save you money. Below are some Praxis study preparation articles:

How to get Praxis practice tests-

How to earn a high score on the Praxis social studies-
Praxis Social Studies

How to earn a high score on the Praxis math I test-
Praxis I math

How to earn a high score on the Praxis test-

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